1st Quarter Honor Roll

Congratulations to the following students who made the All A's Honor Roll, 1st Qtr.

1st Quarter - Honor Roll All A's
Front Row: Bailee Luttrell, Taylor Osborne, Benjamin Ipock, Timothy Neal, Ethan Bland, Sierra Sauceda, Nevaeh Malawey, Taylor Williams, Hayden Teague
Second Row: Joseph Mounce, Rylin Miley, Jackson Phillips, Rowdy Brown, Lexi Lindsey, Avree Fitzanko, Jasmine Brown, Alexis Hagler
Third Row: Zach Pulliam, Patrick Cox, Abagail Jacobson, Emily Mionske, Janessa Teague
Not Pictured: Kailyn Burton, Trinity Norris, Kylia Stayton