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Kaiden VanWinkle places 6th in the  2021  Class 1 State XC meet.
All District
Class 1 District 1 VB  XC Team
Class 1 District 1 VG medalist
 BSC Cross Country Meet 10-30-21
Trinity Norris
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Shannon County Showdown 2021 at Alley Spring State Park
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Senior Robert Kapp
Elementary XC in Couch 9/28/21
WHS XC Team 2021  Ellington Invitational XC Meet
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XC meet in Van Buren 9/22/21
Cloey Asplin
HS Baseball
Medalist for the  Alton XC Invitational  9/15/21
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Zach Pulliam
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Seniors 2020
Seniors 2020
Seniors 2020
Seniors 2020
Seniors 2020
Seniors 2020
Seniors 2020
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April 2, 2020
School is Closed
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Jr. High, 2nd Quarter, All A's
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High School  2nd Quarter All A's
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Open Gym is Back.
Cash Pasley placed 1st in Jr. High Boys, BSC Meet
High School  1st Quarter All A's & B's
High School  1st Quarter All A's
1st Quarter Perfect Attendance
7th & 8th Grade 1st Quarter A Honor Roll
7th & 8th Grade 1st Quarter A/B Honor Roll
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Destiny Bettis finished 3rd place
Wildcat Thank You!!!
Willow Springs Cross Country Meet
Most Improved School
Elementary Cross Country.
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Be Still
1st Annual Winona Cross Country Meet
Mrs. Lay’s 5th Grade Class
Keegan Tipton and Andrew Eggert
Industrial Arts Metal.   Best of Show
2019 HS Softball District Champs
2019 Art Show Winners
HS Science
Industrial Arts Awards at Districts.
Williams  Baptist Signing
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S. Fitzanko Signing!!
Government Class Trip to the Capitol
Anatomy Class travels to St. Louis.
Seniors travel to Springfield,
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