On  April 1st,  Mrs. Ipock and Mrs. Spurgin  took students  to MSU-West Plains to participate in the Interscholastic Competition.  The following are the results.  

Division 3 Awards:

Algebra  - Autumn Fitzanko 1st place English - Benjamin Ipock 2nd,  Kailyn Burton 1st Health Occupations  - Briley Voyles 1st Physical Science - Zach Pulliam 1st Psychology - Brittney Fears 2nd, Darcy Phillips 1st Government - Benjamin Ipock 1st Biology - Taylor Osborne 2nd Geometry - Zach Pulliam 3rd, Kailyn Burton 2nd American History - Brittney Fears - 3rd Literature - Autumn Fitzanko 3rd, Cloey Asplin 1st Speech - Cloey Asplin 2nd, Darcy Phillips 1st

Overall Awards: English - Kailyn Burton got 1st place Psychology - Brittney Fears  3rd place, Darcy Phillips 2nd place Literature - Cloey Asplin 3rd

Winona placed 3rd place overall in the contest.