Seniors 2021

We are so proud of our graduating class of 2021  

Some accomplishments that they have earned.

A+ scholarship. 

Brandy Bramson, Taylor McAfee, Brea Cooper,  Harleigh Minnich, Kiley Cowen, Casey Smith, Jonathon Farrill , Jaden Thacker, Kendra Hiebert  & Kiley Ware.

Dual Credit Students:  Kendra Barnes, Brea Cooper, Kiley Cowen, Kendra Hiebert, Taylor McAfee, Casey Smith, Jaden Thacker &  Kiley Ware.

Thank you to the following companies that help pay student dual credit costs;  Coca Cola Company,  Security Bank of the Ozarks &  MSU West Plains.

Carson Bland, Camerson Buske, Jonathan Farrill & Blake Hammack all received the Door to the Future scholarship from South Central Career Center for $1000.

Kendra Hiebert  received the Jeff Dixon Memorial Scholarship in the amount of $1000, from Paramount Apparel.

Taylor McAfee  Received the Merit Scholarship from  Lewis College in Durango, CO   in thhe amount of $10,000.

Jaden Thacker,  has received the following. Howell Oregon Electric Cooperative  scholarship. $750.00,  MFA scholarship in the amount of $2000,  Ozarks Healthcare scholarship in the amount of $500,  Physical Therapy Specialist’s Clinic Kyle Gilliam Memorial Scholarship for $600,  Community Blood Center of the Ozarks scholarship in the amount of  $250.  Also the Winona Alumni Association Scholarship - $300,  The Wayne Rader Memorial Scholarship for $500,  he has been awarded the local BETA chapter scholarship for $300, Missouri BETA Council scholarship  for $500, the Tim Derryberry Memorial Scholarship for $500,  the  Grace O. Doane Scholarship for $1000,  the Bright Flight Scholarship in the amount of $2400.

Jaden also received the following from North Central Missouri College, The Board of Trustees Scholarship for $1200,  and the Pirate’s Pride Award in the amount of $7,000. 

Cum Laude GPA (3.5-3.64) Kiley Cowen & Kendra Hiebert

Magna Cum Laude GPA (3.65-3.84) Brandy Bramson, Brea Cooper & Taylor McAfee

Summa Cum Laude GPA (3.85-4.0) Jonathan Farrill & Jaden Thacker

We are WILDCAT Proud!!