2020 Seniors

We would like to spotlight our Seniors.  We have put out a questionnaire and these are the responses we have received.  We hope to get them back from all the seniors. 

Seniors, we are so proud of you all!

2020 Senior, Erica Vermillion

1 Parents: Jennifier Mayberry and Eric Vermillion

2 Siblings: Zach Vermillion, Liz Vermillion, and Lathen Mayberry

3 When did you start school at Winona? Preschool

4 Most listened to songs on the way to school? Anything that came on my Pandora station

5 If you could bring three of your classmates on a cross country road trip who would you pick? Why? Anna: She’s nice and a little crazy so we’d definitely be doing something fun and weird, Abby: She’s caring and would make sure everything is going alright, Rylea: She’s smart and would keep us from getting lost and in trouble

6 Which team games were the most fun to attend? Volleyball and Baseball

7 Plans after high school? Going to college at MSU-West Plains

8 What’s your favorite filter to use on Snapchat? Any that make me look decent

9 Most embarrassing memory in high school? Majority of my high school memories are embarrassing

10  Favorite teacher? Why? Mrs. Buckner and Mrs. Ipock. They both really care about our class, even if Mrs. Buckner cares a little more ;)

11 If you could change one school rule, what would it be? Open campus

12 When you attend your 10 year reunion what do you hope to see? I hope to see everyone happy and living their best life

13 What stressed you out the most? Dual credit English class and Chemistry… along with all of the other college classes

14 Favorite high school memory? Playing pranks on Mrs. Ipock and Beta conventions

15 What’s your pet peeve? People being rude for no reason

16 What’s your best advice to underclassmen? It’ll all work out; Try not to stress too much

17 What accomplishment are you most proud of? My grades

More Seniors added soon.  Stay tuned.   We are Wildcat Proud.