Seniors 2020

We would like to spotlight our Seniors.  We have put out a questionnaire and these are the responses we have received.  We hope to get them back from all the seniors. 

Seniors, we are so proud of you all!

2020 Senior, Teah Thomason

1 Parents: Crystal and Wayne Thomason

2 Siblings: Too many haha! I love all 7 of them!

3 When did you start school at Winona? Kindergarten

4 Most listened to songs on the way to school? Anything that could get me pumped up for the day!

5 If you could bring three of your classmates on a cross country roadtrip who would you pick? Why? Jason because he is a hoot and could fight someone off. One of the Haynes boys because they are smart about outdoors stuff. Then one of my girl friends so I wouldn’t be the only one!

6 Which team games were the most fun to attend? Volleyball!! I loved watching any though!

7 Plans after high school? Attending SBU in the fall.. hopefully!

8 What’s your favorite filter to use on Snapchat? The big mouth one, or the moose!!

9 Most embarrassing memory in high school? Library 6th hour!! If you know you know :(

10 Favorite teacher? Why? I do not have a favorite, I loved all of my teachers!! ... Mr. Martin and Mr. Nicholson

11 If you could change one school rule, what would it be? Well we can wear track shorts so I do not need anything else!

12 When you attend your 10 year reunion what do you hope to see? THAT CHEYANNE AND JASON ARE TOGETHER! Also that everyone shows up because it’ll be the bomb!

13 What stressed you out the most? Definitely Cheyanne haha or Mrs. Ipock! Honestly everything did.

14 Favorite high school memory? Breakfast with Mrs. Buckner or any volleyball tournament!

15 What’s your pet peeve? MANNERS!!!

16 What’s your best advice to underclassmen? Be nice to everyone.

17 What accomplishment are you most proud of? Getting All-State in high school! 

More Seniors added soon.  Stay tuned.   We are Wildcat Proud.