Seniors 2020

We would like to spotlight our Seniors.  We have put out a questionnaire and these are the responses we have received.  We hope to get them back from all the seniors. 

Seniors, we are so proud of you all!

2020 Senior,  William Scott

Parents: Randell Scott and Damien McMellen

Siblings: Skyler(13), Caidince(12), Alyza(11), Jason(14), Justin(10), and Jonah(4)

When did you start school at Winona: Headstart

Most listened to songs on the way to school: The whole Hamilton album

If you could bring three of your classmates on a cross country road trip who would you pick? Why?: William, Thaysen, and Duncun, there’s no telling what would happen, it’d be full of surprises.

Which team games were the most fun to attend: Volleyball games were a blast.

Plans after high school: I plan to attend Mizzou to pursue my dreams of being a neurosurgeon.

My favorite filter to use on Snapchat: The septum piercing filter

Most embarrassing memory in high school: running into Damon on the baseball field in the middle of a game.

Favorite teacher: Mrs. Dixon, during her class I would always be doing puzzles and sometimes she would always find the piece I was looking for.

If I could change one rule, what would it be: Open campus, at least for the seniors,

When I attend my 10 year reunion what do I hope to see: Successful and happy people

What stressed you out the most: College and the classes

Favorite high school memory: Goofing off in band class.

What’s your pet peeve: people being jerks and also smacking is a big one.

What’s your best advice to underclassmen: Nothing is what it seems and you have to make the most of it.

What accomplishment are you most proud of Graduating!!!!!

More Seniors added soon.  Stay tuned.   We are Wildcat Proud.