Seniors 2020

We would like to spotlight our Seniors.  We have put out a questionnaire and these are the responses we have received.  We hope to get them back from all the seniors. 

Seniors, we are so proud of you all!

2020 Senior, Anna Cox

Parents:   Alberta and William Cox 

Siblings: Alex and Patrick Cox

When did you start school at Winona? K-12th  

Most listened to songs on the way to school?    My playlist is very versatile. I listen to a variety of things. It mostly depends on my mood, but you can never go wrong with some Country. 

If you could bring three of your classmates on a cross country road trip who would you pick? Why?  Rylea Brown, Abigail Miley, and Erica Vermillion. I chose these three because, whenever we are together, there is never a time when we are not laughing. [And we had also planned a trip in the middle of the year anyway that we never got to go to;)]

Which team games were the most fun to attend?   The volleyball games always got super intense, and it was always fun getting the crowd excited. I also loved baseball games and enjoying the beautiful outdoor weather.

Plans after high school?  I plan on going to Mizzou in Columbia to pursue my dreams of becoming a Veterinarian!

What’s your favorite filter to use on Snapchat?   The Potato or Shrinky Dink

Most embarrassing memory in high school?    I have so many of them, 99.9% of my high school experience has been embarrassing moments   

Favorite teacher? Why?  First of all, I think this is a trick question. Mostly because my Mom has been one of my teachers, and I think she’ll ground me if I don’t say her. Second, there is no way I could even begin to pick a favorite. Every teacher I have ever had has impacted me in so many different ways. I honestly couldn’t have survived without any of them, and they all hold a special place in my heart.

If you could change one school rule, what would it be?  Letting the kids have an open campus lunch.

When you attend your 10 year reunion what do you hope to see?   I really hope to see all of my closest friends and catch up on their lives and all the good times we used to have.

What stressed you out the most?    I’m definitely gonna have to say math on this one. I think I have a few gray hairs from those classes.

What’s your pet peeve?  Seeing people being mean to others, or when someone chews food with their mouth open.

What’s your best advice to underclassmen?  Learning from recent experience, make every day count like it’s your last. Your high school experience has so much room for good times and memories, don’t let stress or the pressure of trying to be perfect ruin those times! Have fun during these last years, because one day you are going to miss it. Before you realize it’s all over, you will wish that you had just one more day of being a Winona Wildcat. I never thought I would say it myself, but I already miss it, and I know you will too. So go out and make every day count!

What accomplishment are you most proud of?  I honestly have to say I am most proud of shooting for the stars and never giving up. When I set my mind to something, I make sure I accomplish those goals. Getting into Mizzou is just the beginning of the big dreams I have. I will continue to dream big, and always give my 110% on everything I do.   

More Seniors added soon.  Stay tuned.   We are Wildcat Proud.