School is Closed

Winona will be extending our school closure through April 24th.  Our hope is to resume regular classes, as soon as it is safe to do so.  We miss our students terribly, your kids are our kids......we miss our daily conversations, and interactions! Our hope is that everyone is staying home, staying well, and things will be back to normal soon. Until then I know everyone has several questions.  This is uncharted waters, and the situation changes daily.  

Here is what we do know

1. All school activities are canceled until April 26th

2. We hope to return on April 27th, but will address the situation as that date approaches

3. Prom is postponed (I don't know what the final decision will be)

4. We will have a graduation ceremony (I am not sure what it will look like or when it will happen, but we will have something!)

5. We will continue to serve meals on Monday and Wednesday (as long as we can safely do so)

6.  We love and miss you all!