Cash Pasley placed 1st in Jr. High Boys, BSC Meet

Congratulation to the cross country runners who placed in the Big Spring Conference Tournament.  Ben Ipock placed 18th. McCade Dixon placed 17th, Thaysen Feldbaumer placed 7th, and Kaiden VanWinkle placed 6th.

High School girls, Christina Halferty placed 3rd and Destiny Bettis placed 1st.    Middle School Girls placed 2nd as a team,  Cadence Feldbaumer placed 9th, Trinity Young placed 11th,  Taylor Williams placed 12th and Sophie Kile placed 15th and for Jr. High Boy  .CAsh Pasley placed 1st.  All Conference runners, Christina Halferty, Destiny Bettis, Kaiden VanWinkle and Thaysen Feldbaumer.  

Great job runners.  We are very proud of you!!