High School  1st Quarter All A's

Congratulations to the following students who have made all A's on their 1st quarter report cards.  Keep up the great job.   

Listed in no particular order.

Rowdy Brown, Kailyn Burton, Ember Lantz, Trinity Norris, Kyleigh Smith, Taylor Osborne (not pictured), Zachary Pulliam, Jacob Romeo, Austin Bramson, Autumn Fitzanko (not pictured),Kyla Hiebert, Darcy Phillips, Cameron Bourgeois, Brea Cooper, Taylor McAfee, Casey Smith,Jaden Thacker, Jermiah Bettis, Gready Brawley, Rylea Brown, Anna Cox, Abby Miley, Gretta Needels, Charity Norris, Seth Sandoval, William Scott, Te'ah Thomason, Kalani Thomason, Erica Vermillion, & Cheyanne Wallace.